LazyMint CertiK Audit Completion Celebration Event

2 min readJul 4, 2021


🦥Greetings Mint Lovers!🦥

We are proud to announce that the audit performed by CertiK is about to be completed(Within Next Week).

CertiK, is the leading blockchain security company, founded by Computer Science professors from Yale and Columbia University. They pioneered using Formal Verification technology to perform comprehensive mathematical computations that are able to identify undetected vulnerabilities in a project’s source code. They have helped secure some of the largest blockchain projects in the space by combining their deep domain expertise, proprietary tooling and unique techniques.

Maintaining a high level of security is a necessity for any DeFi project. There have been a lot of hacks and exploits on other DeFi projects which LazyMint team is aware of and LazyMint has the responsibility to secure Mint Lovers’ fund. Certik’s audit will provide peace of mind that our smart contract code is secure and this will hopefully bring more exposure to the public for more liquidity.

LazyMint CertiK Audit Completion Celebration Event

LazyMint wants to celebrate the completion of CertiK Audit with the Mint Lovers. Therefore, we have come up with exciting events for our beloved community. The events will start within July 5th~July 11th.

🔹 Lazy Referral Event

The referral reward rate will rise from 2% to 10% for a week starting right after a tweet of completion of CertiK Audit.

🔹 CertiK Shield+CertiK Audit Completion Meme Contest

Make Memes about LazyMint’s CertiK Shield deployment and CertiK Audit completion and win big prizes! Details of the contest will be soon announced through our SNS channels.


No words are needed for a buyback event! MEGA BUYBACK is Coming to LazyMint!

We are looking forward to big growth in our community through these events! We have more to come throughout this Summer! Please be ready to get LaZzzy!!!

U B Lazy, we Mint!

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