LazyMint introduces SpaceZOO, for the 1st ILO!

2 min readJun 6, 2021


Hello Mint Lovers!

LazyMint is going to proceed with the 1st Initial Lazy Offering, with SpaceZoo!
Mint Lovers will be able to be LAZzzIER in the space soon!

For Mint Lovers

Prepare your LAZY-BUSD LP to participate in the 1st ILO and to get the SZOO token!

Details will be announced in the LazyMint Announcement Channels soon!

About SpaceZoo

SpaceZoo is a community-driven meme token aiming to be 100% Decentralized based on gamified collectible NFT.

Its goal is to create an ecosystem for various meme tokens that include the one which doesn’t exist now. There are lots of meme tokens created and the market has greatly expanded but there’s no environment that can support them to create an actual value and price stability.

SpaceZoo will bind not only various meme tokens but also all the other existing cryptocurrencies under partnership and create value through gamified NFT and artwork platform.

SpaceZoo Astronauts

To achieve the goal, SpaceZoo astronauts are backed by the skillful and experienced design, marketing, and development teams led by the core members, Space Panda and Space Giraffe.

Since SpaceZoo is a decentralized project, the team will proceed with various funding for development and marketing, to step forward to the goal.

After the ILO, SpaceZoo will distribute all the tokens through various ways including CEX Listing, and lock the initial LP to turn to 100% DAO with Fully Rug-Proof Tokenomics.

LazyMint expects to be lazier with Panda and Giraffe!

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