LazyMint Meme Contest Announcement

It could not get Lazier!

Show us your creativity and love for LazyMint!

10 days, 10 winners, 250,000 $Lazy Reward

➡️ Follow these steps to participate:

📌 Follow our Twitter Page

📌 Retweet Pinned Post

📌 Create a Meme

📌 Post it on your Twitter handle

📌 Tag 3 Friends

📌 Tag @LazyMintFi and use #LazyMemeContest, #LazyMint

⏱ Hurry, submissions start on 5th July 2021 15:00 UTC to 15th July 2021, 15:00 UTC

☑️ Once you’ve posted your memes, submit their links in this form 👇

Please note:

⭕️ The final list of winners will be announced through the LazyMint Announcement channel on TG. Rewards in $Lazy will be sent to BSC wallet address of winners. Each winner will get 25,000 $Lazy.

⭕️ We’ll accept memes in the form of Images, Videos, GIFs, or any Digital Art

⭕️ Your meme must be original. Plagiarized Memes will not be considered for awards

We want to see the creative juices flow in the community, aren’t you excited!

Let’s Go 🚀

U B Lazy, we Mint!🦥

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