LazyMint Meme Contest Winners

2 min readJul 17, 2021


Hello Mint Lovers!

Two weeks ago, we announced LazyMint Meme Contest, and it took us some considerable conversation to select the best 10 winners. We are prepared to present the Top 10 winners of the LazyMint Meme contest who won $50 worth of $Lazy each for the creativity shared with our team and our community.

We received more than 140 entries, and it was fun to watch each one of them. We also appreciate some creative members who did a fantastic job and could have won the reward if they had used the correct HashTags(#LazyMemeContest, #LazyMint) instead.

Coming to the best 10 winners and congratulating all of you guys, it was incredible to watch your memes. We appreciate your constant efforts towards making LazyMintFinance known to the world and we look forward to a future where we grow together even Lazier!

Announcing the best 10 winners with Twitter Username and Telegram Username, who won $50 worth of $Lazy each is:

1. Twitter — @bhelekesehe and Telegram @jojo_situmorang

2. Twitter @tasyaharley and Telegram @andhikanurseptiadi

3. Twitter @AldiEveryWhere and Telegram @AldiEveryWhere

4. Twitter @krhmns and Telegram @krhmns

5. Twitter @gorengtemp3 and Telegram @gorengtemp3

6. Twitter @SaheerA44821736 and @Saheerali62

7. Twitter @SusobhanSen1 and Telegram @Susobhan9

8. Twitter @agunk_ok and Telegram @agungnugroho1987

9. Twitter @Tony27598390 and Telegram @Tonykukku

10. Telegram — @anargy4

All winners should forward wallet BSC address, to TG ID: @lazymintadmin DM for confirmation.

Congratulations again.

U B Lazy, we Mint!




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