LazyMint Weekly Report: #1 (From Launch ~ June 12th, 2021)

🦥Greetings Mint Lovers!🦥

It has already been a week since the launch of LazyMint! We care about Mint Lovers and all supporters who have an interest in LazyMint. We have decided to share a clear roadmap and the expected future of the project to ensure transparency.

What we have done from the launch to June 12th.

LazyMint’s First Week
In chronological order:

LAZY Contract Creation
✅ Deposit Start(Website Open)
✅ Farming Start
✅ Audit process with CertiK
✅ and Poocoin application
✅ $1000 worth LAZY Airdrop (Ended)
✅ Apeboard Listing
✅ RugDoc review and promotion
✅ DappRadar Listing
✅ Delete Anti-Whale Feature
✅ Emission Reduction 100 ⏩ 80/Block
✅ vFat Tools Listing
✅ Coingecko and Coinmarketcap application
✅ Partnership with SpaceZoo for ILO (
✅ Tax 5% ⏩ 3%
✅ Auto LP Acquisition 4% ⏩ 0%
✅ Burn 1% ⏩ 3%
✅ Deposit Fee 4% ⏩ 2%
✅ BSCDaily AMA

CertiK Audit:
LazyMint in Apeboard: Ape Board | Cross-chain DeFi Dashboard
RugDoc Review:
LazyMint in DappRadar:
LazyMint in vFat Tools:

What we are doing and will do.

In Progress and To Do List:

🔄 Developing the First ILO: SpaceZoo
🔄 New Pools with other projects
🔄 Twitter Promotions (Influencers and Firms)
🔄 Partnership Agreement with other projects
🔄 Creating Local Communities
🔄 Cryptomoonshot Application
🔄 2nd Airdrop
🔄 Binance MVP Application
🔄 All sorts of Telegram Marketing
🔄 Advertisement through different platforms

Remember Mint Lovers! LazyMint team is putting great effort into our First ILO's success: SpcaeZoo which is on Jun 16th, 2021.

You can expect greater features shortly. Please stay tuned for updates and keep an eye on our official SNS channels to get LaZzzy than anyone!

Official Channels👇👇👇
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