WEX-BNB, WAULT-BNB, TUSD-BUSD withdrawal error and LazyMint’s Compensation Plan

2 min readJun 30, 2021


Dear Mint Lovers,

Firstly, we must say that we deeply regret this technical error and that we are sorry for any inconvenience endured by our community members. We hope that the actions detailed within this article will help in this regard. We would like to thank Mint Lovers for their understanding and the support shown to LazyMint through every obstacle. The engagement of Mint Lovers is what motivates us to work day and night so we hope our compensation plan will reflect this.

What actually happened?

PROBLEM: WEX-BNB / WAULT-BNB / TUSD-BUSD pools LP Withdrawal Error

Why did it happen?

In the delegate farming logic, we did not input the CAKE token address but entered NULL(Created a non-delegated LAZY-CAKE pool first, and an error occurred while copying and pasting the three pools).

LazyMint team has tried various methods to get the contract in the right position but came up with a final result that the solution for this withdrawal error is none. So we came up with a compensation plan.

Details of Compensation Plan

Compensation for the number of LPs staked by the User(including deposit fee)

LazyMint will compensate users as in the full deposited amount to the users including the deposit fee, within 24 hours from now.

The pools will be inactive from now on and we will announce it once we finish the compensation.

✅ As of June 30th 09:00 UTC, Compensation has been completed.

LazyMint sincerely apologizes for your inconvenience. We will make sure that no technical errors will happen from the time being.




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